• Kettlebell, bodyweight, barbell, and dumbbell coaching & programming
  • StrongFirst® Certifications Prep (SFG I, SFG II, SFB, SFL): technique standards & programming
  • Flexible Steel joint-mobility and flexibility coaching & programming
  • Oxygen Advantage® breathing exercises
  • Chinese martial arts, “internal arts” and health preservation habits & exercises
  • Lifestyle, nutrition, cold exposure, fasting and other habits for health & longevity
  • Technology: Skype/Facetime
  • Fee: $89 (€79) per 60 minutes session, including follow up summary and program in .pdf

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Online Lesson, $89/60 minutes


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Thank you, I am looking forward to work with you!

Yours in Health & Strength 

Pavel Macek, StrongFirst Master Certified Instructor



There are fitness & health professionals like myself and then there are world class mentors that have the knowledge, experience and magic to make us professionals even better – and that’s Pavel.

Zuzka Light

Fitness & Integrative Health Coach, Movement & Mobility Specialist, Life Coach, Postural Therapist, founder of ZGYM

Pavel has been a major part in changing my workouts, diets and lifestyle. I am firmly on track to meeting my goals. He has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share it! Thanks again.


I prepared for my SFG I and took some private video lessons by Pavel, and also did my SFG I video recertification with him. Pavel is an absolutely passionate and knowledgeable Instructor. It seems like he is an encyclopaedia of teaching methods from a lot of other instructors. This plus his own knowledge combined makes him the perfect instructor to get help and advice from. Thanks Pavel.


StrongFirst SFG I Certified Instructor

Pavel is the definition of Strength. He lives and breathes it. I have been fortunate to have a few conversations with Pavel and every time I leave stronger. He is a true professional and gentleman. He IS StrongFirst!

Mike Sousa

StrongFirst Certified Team Leader Instructor

Pavel is an inspiration to all StrongFirst instructors. His posts and videos are very helpful and inspire us to improve our techniques. He is always working for making the StrongFirst community stronger that’s why he’s a role model in our community.

Maria Cristina Carollo

Pavel inspires me from a long time. He is a great teacher and I can highly recommend his gym and him as an instructor. Full professionalism.

Andżelika Stefańska

StrongFirst Certified Team Leader Instructor, Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist, Ground Force Method Level 2, FMS, Centrum Kettlebell Kraków

Pavel is an excellent teacher of strength. I went to see him when I was preparing my SFG certification. His attention to details and guidance put me on the right track. I had the opportunity to see him in action a few more times at his gym, and he always acted very professionally. Every time, I left with more knowledge. Highly recommended.

Jean-Francois Lopez

SFG I, SFB, FMS 2, Flexible Steel Level 2, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Strong Mobility

Pavel is really great teacher and overall wonderful person. He was the one who introduced me to kettlebells and the world of strength years ago and has been my tutor ever since. You will always come out better after a lesson with him even if you have years of training behind you. And he lives what he preaches!

Jozef Vanko

SFG 2, KB5 Slovakia Chief Instructor , KB5 Slovakia

I feel honored to learn and grow under Pavel. He is great teacher. You can clearly see after few exercises that he knows his stuff. He looks constantly for new ways how to improve his teaching and how it make more effective for his students.

Jakub Ulrich

Pavel is the real deal. I have invited him to my martial arts academy several times to teach kettlebells and strength training. His approach is methodical, clear and most importantly- highly effective. I would thoroughly recommend his classes for anyone who has a chance to study with him- you will get inspired, and get strong!

David Rogers

Sifu, Rising Crane

 A consummate professional while remaining a down-to-earth person, he serves as a role model in our community of someone who walks the walk – 56 kg bent press @ 68 kg bodyweight! And he has a keen eye and mind as a teacher, one whose students make rapid progress and achieve great things.

Steve Freides

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor, Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist

Pavel is a great teacher of strength because he is a very good student of strength. He is hungry for knowledge and he passes what he learns to his students. He wants to do things right and he insist on that we do things right. I’m glad he introduced me to a strength training. Thanks, Pavel!

Tomáš Mrkvička

Pavel has a positive attitude that is infectious. He guides his students to realise their potential and sets a great example of the patient, disciplined and dedicated teacher. A true quiet professional. I’m grateful to have been inspired by Pavel to start my journey as a Kettlebell student of strength.


I was fortunate enough to be assigned Pavel for my SFG Level 2 video re-certification. He was friendly and relaxed, which settled me before performing my level 2 skills. He gave me some excellent tips on how to improve each of my skills and offered some excellent advice on programming, all of which made complete sense to me. I had been lucky enough to meet Pavel on previous occasions, and the video session reinforced what I already knew. He is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, with a huge desire to pass his knowledge on to others. He is a credit to StrongFirst.

Ian Freeman

StrongFirst SFG II Certified Instructor