60 Minutes Online Private Lesson


  • 60 minutes session (Skype/Facetime/ZOOM), including follow up summary and program in .pdf
  • Kettlebell, bodyweight, barbell, and dumbbell coaching & programming
  • StrongFirst® Certifications Prep (SFG I, SFG II, SFB, SFL): technique standards & programming
  • Flexible Steel joint-mobility and flexibility coaching & programming
  • Oxygen Advantage® breathing exercises
  • Chinese martial arts, “internal arts” and health preservation habits & exercises
  • Lifestyle, nutrition, cold exposure, fasting and other habits for health & longevity

How does the online coaching work? 

Step #1

Please purchase the online lesson(s) using PayPal or your credit card. After the payment you will be redirected to another page to schedule your online session.

Step #2

At the scheduling page, you will suggest about 3 different days/times so we can schedule lessons. Usual times available are work days (Monday to Friday), 6AM to 3PM CET (Central European Time).

  • Technology: Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom
  • Instruction: Please get all the training equipment that you want to use ready and set up the camera so I can clearly see your movements. Please have your notebook ready so you can take notes if necessary. Please prepare any questions you have.
  • After the online lesson you will receive a .pdf summary with all important notes and links

If you have any other questions prior to scheduling a private online lessons, please send me an e-mail using the form below:


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