PHK Intro Kit: Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Martial Arts [ONLINE COURSE]

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Online instructional course

Embedded & downloadable videos + set of downloadable .pdf manuals


What if I had only few days to teach you the most important and fundamentals skills of Practical Hung Kyun?

The most fundamental exercises for acquiring good health, strength, and self-defense skills?

In the shortest time possible, but setting up an excellent foundation for future training?

PHK Intro Kit is the answer to all these questions. 

– Pavel Macek Sifu, Practical Hung Kyun

Recommended to all beginning and intermediate practitoners of Chinese martial arts!

  • Level: Basic
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Lessons: 4 Main Modules
  • BONUSES: 5 bonus videos/manuals (we will add more in the future!)

Objectives of the Ecourse:

  • To give a general layout of Gung Fu curriculum, basic, intermediate and advanced training
  • To present a real life example of Chinese martial arts basic training syllabus
  • To show simple, practical, but tremendously effective way to acquire good health, strength, stamina, as well as self-defense skills
  • To learn more about traditional Chinese culture and philosophy, as well as practical application of old wisdom in today’s world
  • To continue in the path of the old Masters

Multimedia Content

  • Each module contains an embedded as well as downloadable instructional video with accompanying training manual in .pdf
  • Each lesson contains a short quiz

PHK Intro Kit: The Plan

  • PHK Intro Kit: The PlanOverview of all PHK Intro Kit modules
  • In what order to learn? Option A and Option B.
  • PHK Intro Kit Program Minimum for extremely busy people and Program Maximum for future champions
  • Schedule for morning and afternoon/evening practice
  • A-B split to make sure you will practice all important skills, although not necessarily every day
  • How often? How long? What drills? Sets? Reps? And all other necessary information.
  • Difference between practice and workout
  • Form > Force > Usage progression
  • Form > Force > Speed progression
  • Easy – Medium – Hard concept of practice

Fundamental Training (Gei Bun Gung)

Fundamental Training (Gei Bun Gung)

  • Fundamental Training (Gei Bun Gung)Introduction to “Shaolin Internal Arts” (Siu Lam Noi Gung) for health, good posture, and vitality
  • How to perform “morning recharge” – gentle stretching of the whole body as well as reseting of the breathing
  • 4 main parts of (any) “Internal Art” exercise
  • What Shaolin Grandmasters think about “warm-up”
  • Stance training (Jaat Ma) – correct form and training method
  • “The Art of Loosening” (Fong Sung Gung), your key to speed, explosive power, stamina, and regeneration
  • “Sink to the ground and root, stable and steady as a Mount Taai” and how to achieve it
  • True aim of the “Stance Training” – and it is not (just) strengthening the legs
  • Why “Four Levels Stance”?
  • Read the old Chinese poem about Sei Ping Ma stance
  • How to achieve 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes – program!
  • 3 secrets of “Stance Training”: 1. = …., 2. = …, 3. = ….
  • The key to speed, explosive power, and endurance
  • Crucial “Soft” aspects of the “Hard” style
  • How to achieve the ideal of Gong Yau Ping Jai, “Harmony of Hard and Soft”.

Boxing Techniques (Kyun Faat)

Boxing Techniques (Kyun Faat)

  • Boxing TechniquesStances and footwork – 3 pieces of the complete puzzle
  • “What is the secret of Gung Fu?” The old Grandmaster replies: ….
  • “Shooting Stance” (Biu Ma) – a key to aggressive (literally!) offense
  • Other – not commonly known – combat aspects of traditional stances
  • …and health benefits of the stance training for today’s PC generation!
  • 20/80 of PHK stances – you use THESE 3 stances 80% of time, so focus on them!
  • 3 stances explained in detail – names, drawings, structure, mechanics, principles, dos and don’ts
  • Basic footwork – simple and effective. The rules are simple for basically all types of footwork
  • Shadow boxing techniques – form the ideal structure to real usage, either in sparring or street self-defense
  • Similarities AND differences between martial arts and combat sports
  • Structure and mechanics of 3 basic PHK strikes
  • Variations that DON’t require any special fist conditioning, and are ready to be used immediately
  • Combations! All work, but some work much better than other.
  • “Two Stars” and “Three Stars” and what does it mean
  • Always winning combination of Grand Master Wong Fei Hung
  • “One Strike Must Kill“ (Yat Kyun Bit Saat), or how to develop a KO punch
  • Should you use boxing gloves, MMA gloves, or no gloves?
  • The absolutely necessary component of the “One Strike” KO – and its counterpart

Strength & Conditioning (Lin Gung)

Strength & Conditioning (Lin Gung)

  • Strength & Conditioning (Lin Gung)If everything else is equal, what fighter wins? The stronger one, and with better cardio
  • The advantage of properly selected strength & conditioning exercise – the benefits are many
  • What “muscles” to train? Don’t care about muscles, care about…
  • No equipment? No time? No excuses! These fundamental bodyweight exercises can be done anytime, anywhere!
  • How to build a foundation for future (serious!) strength training
  • “The art of Taming the Tiger” (Fuk Fu Gung) – 3 progressions of Chinese pushups NOT ONLY for strength, as well as 2 different training methods
  • Strong and supple legs – “Three Levels to the Ground” (Saam Pun Lok Dei), and again 2 different training methods for different needs
  • One of the best full body exercises of the legendary Shaolin Monastery – “Shaolin Art of Crawling” (Siu Lam Pa Gung). Meet the standard of “easy-but-not-so-easy” Progression 1, and move to Progression 2. And than to hardcore progression 3.

Combatives (Jin Dau)

Combatives (Jin Dau)

  • Combatives (Jin Dau)“Guard” (Baai Jong) for a reality-based self-defense – on one hand the one and same, on the other VERY different.
  • What to do if approached by a stranger – lifting your hands up is not enough, here is why
  • “Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, the best is… “
  • Fundamental striking techniques + defense
  • Defensive techniques simplified – “Mirror” principle, and the “Inside” and “Outside” Gates
  • Combinations of the basic techniques – “Thousand Changes, Ten Thousand Variations” (Chin Bin Maan Fa)
  • Wong Fei Hung’s every victorious #1 combo of the “Ten Unique/Killing Techniques” (Sap Duk Sau) – Lam Sai Wing has learned it from him after many, many years!
  • “The Ever Victorious Strategy”
  • Free sparring (Saan Da) methodology, step by step
  • What if… defensive back up plan. If you would choose only ONE defensive technique against the most common type of street attack, choose this one
  • Situational “self-offense” and self protection scenarios

PHK Intro Kit Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Art of Flexibility
  • Bonus #2: Three Stars Conditioning
  • Bonus #3: Art of Iron Fist
  • Bonus #4: Healthy Living Regime
  • Bonus #5: “No Shadow Kicks”

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